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XCOM: Enemy Within is an enlargement pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It was launched on November 12th, 2013 in North America and November 15th 2013 elsewhere. Announced at Gamescom 2013, XCOM: Enemy Within provides new skills, upgrades, weapons, and a brand new soldier class to fight new enemy threats. This enlargement pack additionally introduces new assets, new maps, new tactical and strategic gameplay, and new multiplayer content material.XCOM: Enemy Within gained Best Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year on the 2014 D.I.C.E. awards.

XCOM: Enemy Within is on the market as a obtain for PCs and Macs for $29.99. For consoles it’s only accessible in disc format as XCOM: Enemy Within – Commander Edition, a standalone expanded expertise that features all XCOM: Enemy Unknown content material plus the Elite Soldier and Slingshot add-ons, for $39.99.

XCOM: Enemy Within turned accessible as a cellular app obtain for choose iOS, Android and Amazon Fire gadgets on Nov. 12th, 2014 for $12.99. The following day, 2K Support launched an iOS/Android XCOM: Enemy Within FAQ to handle widespread questions relating to the cellular port; notably it clarified that the Elite Soldier, Operation Slingshot and Operation Progeny content material should not included within the cellular variations.


Meld is a brand new useful resource present in canisters that may be recovered throughout most mission varieties. Recovering Meld opens up a brand new analysis challenge referred to as Meld Recombination, which unlocks two new base services: a Genetics Lab and a Cybernetics Lab. In the Genetics Lab, Meld can be utilized to grant troopers super-human skills by means of Gene Mods. In the Cybernetics Lab, Meld can be utilized to remodel troopers into MEC Troopers and to construct MECs for them to make use of in fight.

  • The addition of Meld does not considerably change the analysis/tech tree; as a substitute, most Meld-related tech and upgrades are unlocked as a part of present analysis, comparable to alien autopsies.
  • Although utilizing this useful resource requires the development of two further services within the base, the Genetics Lab and Cybernetics Lab depend as a Laboratory and Workshop, respectively, for the aim of adjacency bonuses.

The 5 varieties of genetic modifications value 5 – 65 each- a most of 130 for the dearer of every physique space, whereas a max degree (three) MEC go well with prices 210 (together with the 10 for the augmentation of the pilot).

Gene Mods

  • Alien Autopsies reveal genetic modifications (“Gene Mods” or “G-mods“) which could be utilized to troopers within the Genetics Labs.
  • Any soldier (besides MEC Troopers) can obtain Gene Mods. A genetically modified soldier can endure Psi testing and the modifications stack with Psi skills.
  • Soldiers with Gene Mods obtain distinctive variations of the varied armor varieties (that includes sleeveless armor designs and their very own armor deco choices) and have entry to eight totally different armor deco choices only for them.
  • Gene Mods could be utilized to a soldier’s: Brain, Eyes, Chest, Skin, and Legs. There are two choices accessible for every kind (and they are often swapped at a value).
  • Applying Gene Mods prices various quantities of credit and Meldand removes a soldier from energetic obligation for about three days per mod.

MEC Trooper

  • With the Cybernetics Lab, MEC Troopers could be created from any soldier class, sustaining their rank however dropping all skills and Gene Mods they beforehand had; Rookies can not develop into MEC Troopers. MEC Troopers change their legs and arms with cybernetic implants however stay human sufficient to be affected by Psionic skills, together with Mind Control.
  • MEC Troopers can’t be genetically modified or endure Psi testing; a Psionic soldier can not develop into a MEC Trooper.
  • A MEC Trooper doesn’t use common tools in fight however as a substitute makes use of a Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuit (aka MEC Suit). MEC Suits grant MEC Troopers armor and a number of other further bonuses, and could be armed with a Minigun, Railgunor Particle Cannon; as a drawback, MECs are incapable of utilizing cowl. MEC Suits could be upgraded by means of three tiers, every of which has a distinct identify, set bonus stats and choice of Tactical Subsystems.
  • MEC Troopers retain and achieve expertise and ranks conventionally and have their very own distinctive coaching tree.
  • MEC Suits have armor deco choices that paint totally different patterns on the go well with.

New Enemies

New Aliens

The enlargement introduces two new alien varieties:

The Mechtoid is a Sectoid in a mechanized go well with. It is a robotic unit armed with twin Plasma Mini-Cannons and may hearth twice in a flip if it does not transfer. Mechtoids do not make the most of cowl however have a strong block of well being (20 HP on regular problem). Sectoids can Mind Merge with a Mechtoid to provide it a Psi Shield which grants a well being buff and reduces injury towards the Mechtoid by half. Mechtoids are first deployed through the fourth month, together with Cyberdiscs.
 The Seeker is a flying squid-like robotic unit. Capable of cloaking themselves for a restricted variety of turns, Seekers make the most of a model new AI that focuses on hit and run model assaults. Seekers are noticed in pairs however largely act individually (i.e. can strike throughout totally different turns) and have a choice for attacking remoted items with their particular Strangle assault. XCOM begins to come across Seekers early within the recreation (mid-to-late April).


The enlargement introduces a brand new enemy faction within the type of a secret human paramilitary society titled EXALT. Its members work to disrupt XCOM’s actions as they see XCOM as a rival within the acquisition of alien expertise and an obstacle to the aliens’ human experimentation. To this finish, EXALT units up sleeper cells in Council nations around the globe; the cell’s hidden presence magnifies the consequences of any panic the nation could obtain. Furthermore, a cell can go energetic, performing one among three totally different EXALT Operations towards XCOM: Sabotage, steals funding from XCOM; Propaganda, will increase panic within the nation the place the cell is positioned; or a Research Hack, reverses progress on the challenge at the moment being researched.

To counter EXALT’s actions, the Council has offered XCOM with further assets which could be accessed by way of a brand new Covert Operations menu within the Situation Room. From right here the participant is ready to carry out Intel Scans for hidden EXALT cells and launch Covert Operations towards recognized cells (however just one cell at time). Successful Covert Operations yield EXALT Intel that grants clues to the situation of EXALT’s predominant base. Once XCOM efficiently identifies the EXALT headquarters, the participant is ready to provoke a base assault mission to remove the terrorist group as soon as and for all.

In addition to the strategic risk posed by EXALT, the group’s operatives current a really actual tactical risk throughout Covert Operation missions. EXALT introduces eight new enemies to the sport: 4 normal items and 4 upgraded, genetically modified Elite items. These paramilitary brokers could also be dressed like bankers however they’ve skills and tools that match these utilized by XCOM. Also like XCOM, EXALT troopers are available in 4 lessons that could be encountered within the area.

New Missions

Covert Operations

Covert Operations are new tactical missions used to counter the risk posed by EXALT. Covert Operations are initiated from the Situation Room and require the dispatch of a Covert Operative. The Covert Operative stays unavailable for different missions through the a number of days by which they full their project after which sign for extraction. If the Covert Operative isn’t extracted they’re completely misplaced. Extracting the Covert Operative requires the participant to ship a daily squad (which they management together with the Covert Operative) to finish one among two new Covert Operation mission varieties:

  • Covert Data Recovery: Requires the protection of an Encoder and a Transmitter towards a big horde of aggressive EXALT brokers in a “King of the Hill” kind situation till all enemies are eradicated.
  • Covert Extraction: Requires the Covert Operative to hack two particular EXALT Comm Arrays after which safely attain the extraction zone.  This mission doesn’t truly require the entire elimination of the enemy for fulfillment.

There are 10 maps accessible for every mission kind with some using new maps launched with the enlargement and others give a brand new spin to present maps.

Operation Progeny

The enlargement contains Operation Progeny, a brand new set of three linked Council Missions which occur in France; like Operation Slingshot, it may be enabled or disabled individually from the sport’s superior choices menu. Narratively the missions contain of all three of the competing factions in XCOM: Enemy Within and have a tie in with the brand new XCOM Base Defense mission (see beneath). The first Operation Progeny mission occurs through the second month of the marketing campaign and entails investigating a French army convoy that has been attacked; the mission could be extraordinarily difficult on the upper problem ranges. Much later within the marketing campaign, XCOM receives the second mission which sends a squad to a hydroelectric dam to rescue a brand new playable character, Annette Durand; Annette is assured to be Gifted if examined within the Psionic Labs. Operation Progeny’s final mission takes place within the French Alps the place XCOM makes an attempt to rescue different civilians who have been kidnapped.

XCOM Base Defense

This is a brand new important mission included within the enlargement. This mission performs out on a large new map which particulars Delta part, an space of the XCOM headquarters positioned behind Mission Control. The participant initially controls a squad consisting of the highest three troopers from the Barracks (with no matter tools they possess on the time the mission triggers) and a number of other XCOM Base Security personnel (functionally Rookies with default tools and barely diminished stats). The squad should remove a number of waves of aliens, however obtain further reinforcements (teams of Security personnel and extra troopers) because the mission progresses. Failing this mission ends in a Game Over, however it may be restarted, even in an Ironman recreation.

Site Recon

 A particular Council Mission going down in Canada.

It has chryssalids. A variety of ‘lids. Bring a number of firepower and quick troops, you may want them.


  • Players can now edit their squad and save a number of loadouts in offline mode.
  • Multiplayer unit prices have been rebalanced: Rookies and different primary items have obtained level reductions as have AoE weapons like grenades and rockets.
  • Mechtoid and Seeker added.
  • EXALT brokers added.
  • eight extra maps for Multiplayer

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