Xcom 2 Satellite Nexus

The Satellite Nexus is a facility in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.



In-Game DescriptionEdit

With the sign monitored by a workforce of engineers, every Satellite Nexus is able to receiving transmissions from four XCOM satellites.
Adjacency Bonus: +1 satellite tv for pc capability for each adjoining uplink.
– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Facility RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites: Alien Nav Computer (Research)
Time to Build: 21 Days (11 days with Advanced Construction)
Facility Cost:

  • eight Power
  • 5 Engineers (+15 Engineers for every preexisting Nexus, +10 for every preexisting Satellite Uplink)
  • §300 (§250 in XCOM: Enemy Within)
  • 25 Alloys
  • 2 UFO Flight Computers

Facility Maintenance: §26 per 30 days


  • If launching the utmost variety of satellites (16), probably the most environment friendly format is obtained by establishing two Satellite Nexus and two Satellite Uplinks in a sq. (2×2) form. This permits 12 satellites from the amenities, and four from the adjacency bonuses.