xcom 2 multiplayer


XCOM 2 contains a peer-to-peer multiplayer mode, permitting for head-to-head battles between squads composed of blended Advent and XCOM forces. Using a points-based system, gamers buy items after which choose the sport sort and the type of terrain they’re going to battle on. It options private and non-private video games, ranked matches and choices for taking part in over an area space community.

Unfortunately, we weren’t in a position to get sufficient expertise with the mode earlier than 2K’s embargo lifted. We’ll replace this assessment with impressions of XCOM 2‘s multiplayer mode within the subsequent few days

Below is a listing of unit prices for XCOM 2 Multiplayer. To see methods on these items, go to their respective web page.

ADVENT Unit Name Point Cost
Trooper 200
Officer 400
Stun Lancer 400
Shieldbearer 800
MEC 1000
Alien Unit Name Point Cost
Sectoid 1000
Faceless 800
Viper 1200
Muton 1500
Codex 2000
Berserker 1500
Archon 1750
Chryssalid 1200
Andromedon 4500
Sectopod 8000
Gatekeeper 6000
XCOM Unit Name Point Cost
Ranger: Phantom 3200
Ranger: Blademaster 2800
Sharpshooter: Sniper 3000
Sharpshooter: Gunslinger 3000
Grenadier: Heavy Gunner 3200
Grenadier: Demo Expert 3200
Specialist: Field Medic 2800
Specialist: Combat Hacker 3000
Psi Operative 3200
Item Name Point Cost
Plasma Grenade 400
Hellweave 200
Stasis Vest 400
Hazmat Vest 100
EMP Grenade 300
Mindshield 200
Battle Scanner 400
A.P. Rounds 500
Tracer Rounds 100
Frag Grenade 200