xcom 2 long war

From the very first mission of The Long War 2, the stakes are totally different. Your enlarged squad isn’t doing something as brash as blowing up an Advent statue; as a substitute, they’ve managed to trace down an under-strength patrol and are decided to take it down. Two issues are instantly clear: the insurgency aren’t as daring as at first of vanilla XCOM 2, however, as people and as squads, they’re much more crafty.

Long War 2 is a large overhaul of critically acclaimed Firaxis’ XCOM 2. Owing to the success of the Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis’ father or mother firm, 2K Games, commissioned the Long War workforce to create Long War 2. The mod was launched on Steam Workshop and the Nexus on Jan. 19, 2017 and is free. It is aimed toward giving gamers the texture of operating a worldwide guerrilla war in opposition to ADVENT whereas providing them a larger number of strategic and tactical experiences throughout an prolonged and difficult marketing campaign.



  • Assign a number of squads to simultanous missions, requiring you to construct a giant roster
  • Infiltrate mission websites by investing time to scale back the enemies you may face
  • Manage Resistance cells in each contacted area
  • Assign rebels to gather provides, recruit allies or collect intelligence
  • Deploy a single adviser – a scientist, engineer or soldier – to every area and obtain bonuses
  • Permanently seize ADVENT Mecs with a sophisticated Specialist perk that reprograms them as Haven defenders
  • Uncover paths to different missions, together with alternatives to intercept enemy reinforcements, or a five-mission liberation chain that enables the participant to thoroughly take away ADVENT from a specific area
  • Various developments will take longer and extra sources to attain, extending the marketing campaign length


  • ADVENT now operates underneath a strategic AI
    • Enemy forces now have a specific amount of energy in every area, figuring out mission issue, and can redeploy their forces primarily based in your actions, first from adjoining areas, or by UFO
    • Operate primarily based on the extent of resistance from XCOM – leaving ADVENT unchallenged in an space, they’ll really feel secure sufficient to proceed work on the Avatar venture
  • Face new enemies from AlienPack, together with the Chryssalid Hive Queen, ADVENT Drone, Muton Centurion and Muton Elite, and plenty of new ADVENT soldier sorts


  • Deploy a number of squads out on missions concurrently
  • Create and handle everlasting squads for simple insertion into missions
  • Some missions require spending as much as every week or extra infiltrating the positioning to keep away from dealing with overwhelming opposition for an instantaneous assault
  • Squads can have as much as 10 troopers on some missions
    • Smaller squads infiltrate a lot sooner
    • Tactical missions will nonetheless be performed individually to completion as soon as begun
  • Build a deep roster of troopers to deal with targets of alternative in addition to sudden ADVENT counterattacks in opposition to the Resistance with the brand new squad supervisor, that enables the participant to create standing squads to rapidly assign to missions
  • Several new courses with distinctive secondary weapons;:
    • Sharpshooter: Holotargeter, a goal designation gadget
    • Shinobi: Sword
    • Ranger: Sawed-Off Shotgun, a robust short-range weapon with two makes use of per mission
    • Assault: Arc Thrower, a long-range gorgeous gadget
    • Gunner: Combat Knife, a defensive melee weapon
    • Grenadier: Grenade Launcher
    • Specialist: GREMLIN
    • Technical: Gauntlet, mixture Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower
    • Psi Operative: Psi Amp
  • The officer tree is expanded with new choices, together with the Command perk (permits granting bonus actions to allies), Intervention (extends mission timers) and Leadership (grants bonuses to troopers who’ve beforehand served underneath the officer)
  • Two new weapon tiers, lasers and coilguns, created by Capnbubs, with weapon upgrades ordered Conventional-Laser-Mag-Coil-Plasma
  • An SMG weapon class, created by JCLewis and CapnBubs, for all 5 tiers, which grants mobility and stealth bonuses at the price of some firepower


  • Jailbreak: XCOM should rescue a number of Resistance members from an ADVENT jail. Similar to base-game rescue missions, however with a number of folks to rescue. Successful missions enhance the energy of the Resistance in a area
  • Haven Defense: In this alternate Retaliation mission, XCOM should defend Resistance members in opposition to an onslaught of ADVENT forces till the Skyranger is in place to rescue them.
  • ADVENT Base Assault: In the capstone mission for the liberation chain, the participant should defeat a well-defended regional navy headquarters
  • Invasion: The aliens try to retake a liberated area by assaulting a metropolis middle. The participant should destroy a psionic relay that’s summoning steady reinforcements, after which sweep up any remaining forces.
  • Rendezvous: A Faceless Resistance member is detected because it goes to satisfy with its ADVENT handlers. The soldier-adviser and some insurgent rookies hunt it down.
  • ADVENT Supply Raid: ADVENT assaults a Resistance provide convoy. XCOM should defend the middle of a map space and the Resistance personnel there.
  • ADVENT Intel Raid: ADVENT assaults a Resistance listening put up.
  • ADVENT Recruiting Raid: XCOM should extract a bunch of rebels from ADVENT forces.


  • The Advanced Warfare Center now not grants a single random perk, however lets the participant choose from a menu of perks. They could practice as much as three offensive, three defensive and 7 pistol perks, if granted enough time within the middle.
  • All armors have three slots for utility gear. Pistols at the moment are a utility merchandise that could be carried by any soldier.
  • Both excessive and low cowl are simpler.
  • Explosives injury falls off from the middle of the explosion.
  • Some gun upgrades have been reworked. Suppressor now reduces infiltration time. Stock now gives the Steady Weapon potential, granting an purpose bonus on the following flip. Hair set off now gives purpose bonus on response hearth. Gun upgrades might be manufactured if XCOM can get better sufficient of a specific merchandise as loot or from the black market.
  • Player has the choice to set a “graze band,” during which to-hit rolls inside a spread across the to-hit quantity will lead to a graze as a substitute of a hit and miss. So a 85% to hit and a 10-point graze band implies that rolls between 75 and 95 will lead to a graze. A profitable roll in opposition to the “dodge” talent now downgrades vital hits to common hits, common hits to grazes and grazes to misses, whereas a “critical graze” counts as a daily hit.
  • Panic forces a hunker down (if in cowl) and no different actions are attainable. Unit panicking within the open stays immobile.
  • Ammo rebalanced so most weapons have fewer photographs earlier than a reload is required. Cannons have extra.
  • Once summoned, the Skyranger takes time to reach at a mission web site for extraction. Reinforcements shall be extra harmful.
  • An expanded system of Dark Events that function tactical upgrades to aliens.