XCOM 2 Flamethrower

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Requirement Experimental Heavy Weapon
Type Heavy Weapon
Ammo 1
Base Damage Four-7
Effective Range 25
Radius 7
Other Notes 60 degree cone
The Flamethrower is a heavy weapon in XCOM 2. Like all heavy weapons, it could possibly solely be mounted on troopers outfitted with heavy armor or Spark models.

It is produced by ending an Experimental Heavy Weapon mission within the Proving Ground on the Avenger, which every randomly might make one in all this merchandise to then be obtainable to be outfitted on one soldier/Spark as an alternative of the usual Rocket Launcher.

This weapon sprays flames in an elongated cone, dealing reasonable injury and inflicting Burning on the goal. Flame will cowl all tiles affected by the weapon, which trigger burning to models that transfer on them. This weapon is beneficial for denying some melee-oriented models like Chryssalids and Stun Lancers, who can’t melee assault whereas Burning.

This weapon could cause panic to affected targets.

Mechanical models are utterly unaffected by this weapon, so are Andromedons in each types.

In-Game DescriptionEdit
“ This wrist-mounted flamethrower relies on a super-pressurized fuel canister and a very focused nozzle to unleash a deadly cone of fire on multiple enemies. ”
Fire Flamethrower: Sprays flames in a slender cone-shaped space 25 squares lengthy and 5 squares extensive on the far finish. The authentic prompt injury will not be fireplace, however regular injury. As such it’s mitigated by armour, however not negated by Hazmat-Suits worn by XCOM-troopers.

Tactical InfoEdit

The Flamethrower is an area-of-effect weapon that may lay waste to a part of the battlefield.
It is beneficial in opposition to a number of enemies, and at shut quarters. Robotic enemies shall be resistant or proof against its results, nonetheless.
Organic enemies might panic when focused by the Flamethrower.

–Inventory description, XCOM 2

Base injury is Four-6 with a mean of 5 and a 10% probability to get further level of harm.