Xcom 2 Avatar Project

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The Avatar Project is the mission goal of ADVENT and The Elders. The predominant objective of it’s the building of recent our bodies for the dying elders.

Increases Edit

  • The Dark Event “Minor Avatar Project breakthrough” will increase progress by 1.
  • The Dark Event “Major Avatar Project breakthrough” will increase progress by 2.
  • After a number of weeks an Avatar Project Facilitywill improve progress by 1.
  • When an Avatar Project Facilityseems it is going to improve progress by 1.
  • Every a number of weeks progress will improve by 1.

If all 12 factors are acquired, the venture enters its closing phases. The participant has a hard and fast length (20 days on Veteran, 15 days on Commander) to scale back the Avatar venture progress by any means, or else the aliens full the venture and XCOM is destroyed (presumably by the Avatars attacking the Avenger). This is the dangerous ending.


Decreases Edit

  • Successfully ending a generic Avatar Project Facilitymission reduces the Avatar Project Progress by a price equal to the progress that facility has contributed. The worth is seen because the variety of crimson squares under the power on the Geoscape. There doesn’t seem like an higher restrict.
  • Most story mission goals scale back progress by 1-Three. This makes the Shadow Chamber extraordinarily helpful to maintain the progress meter from filling.
  • Details:
    • Killing your first Codex: 1
    • Killing your first Avatar: Three (Veteran) / 2 (Commander)
    • Retrieving the Psi Gate: 2
    • Completing the Blacksite: 2
    • Completing the Forge: Three
  • Sabotage Covert Action(WotC): 2
  • Sabotage Resistance Order(WotC): 1 on the finish of each month
  • The Avatar Project can’t be completely stopped by any means. It can solely be delayed through the above actions.

Notes Edit

  • If the blacksite mission just isn’t accomplished, the avatar venture will beneath some circumstances produce a bug every time a facility seems, the place the progress meter will seemingly lower by 1, however then improve by 1. Where the notifier seems a clean textual content field will seem over the progress notifier textual content field.