A SITREP is a particular situation that applies to a mission in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. These results will be constructive or adverse, and should randomly be utilized to missions.

Only some missions have SITREPS; there will be instances the place there are none.

SITREPs will be seen when viewing the mission earlier than deciding on a squad.


List of Possible SITREPs

Automated Defenses

Enemies are primarily/fully robotic models (Spectres, MECs, and so on.)

The Horde

Area is deserted by ADVENT, leaving solely massive numbers of The Lost.

Location Scout

Entire map is revealed, making all enemies and all elements of the map seen.

The Lost

In addition to ADVENT enemies, the mission map additionally comprises The Lost.

Low Profile

Only troopers of rank Sergeant and under could also be chosen for the mission.


Squad dimension is proscribed to three troopers.

Shadow Squad

All troopers on the mission acquire a single cost of the Conceal means. This is a separate means from the Ranger’s Conceal and the Reaper’s Shadow, regardless of granting the identical impact.

Resistance Contacts

Map comprises a number of civilians; Supplies are rewarded for every civilian contacted (by shifting a soldier subsequent to them).

Show of Force

Mission solely comprises massive numbers of ADVENT models (all ADVENT humanoids, MECs, and Sectopods)


Intel suggests a excessive focus of beast-like enemies at this mission web site (chryssalids, faceless and berserkers).

Psionic Storm

Excessive focus of psionic power is within the space of the mission, suggesting a excessive variety of psi-capable enemies. (Sectoids, Priests and Gatekeepers)