Sectopod (XCOM2)

Large mechanized walkers. Sectopods are very robust and have heavy armor; you may virtually definitely have to shred it earlier than your troopers will have the ability to make a lot of a dent. They have good intention with their excessive harm cannons that may hearth twice per flip, and so they’ve received over their restriction of getting to fireside on totally different targets. Sectopods can launch an assault referred to as the Wraith Cannon, a beam-based spinoff of their earlier incarnation’s Missile Salvos (in that it takes a flip to arrange earlier than firing). For ‘melee,’ it has a AoE/close-range electrical assault referred to as Lightning Field. They even have the flexibility to maneuver right into a excessive stance, enhancing their vary and line of sight. They don’t have any qualms about transferring by buildings and obstacles to clear a line to your troopers; they’re able to transfer within the excessive stance, rising the harm to larger flooring they’ll do.

Interestingly, like their unique incarnation, additionally they take up four squares on the battlefield’s grid.

Explosives and acid weapons significantly assist to take away armor and to get probably the most out of your assaults. Stasis capacity can flip it off for a flip, however will even cease it from taking any harm. AP rounds make its armor principally irrelevant. A Haywire Protocol Specialist is a necessity if you happen to can’t take it out in a single spherical (appropriately an Achievement), with the intention to disable it for a flip or so. But, if you happen to can handle to manage it (with a base Tech rating of 125, that is additionally an Achievement): have enjoyable taking part in as a Metal Gear for a couple of rounds! Bluescreen rounds and EMP Bombs are additionally very helpful weapons towards Sectopods (and different ‘Mechs). Both of those weapons won’t solely harm a Sectopod, however will cut back its hack resistance, making a subsequent Haywire simpler. In addition an EMP Bomb will disorient the Sectopod, lowering its intention and stopping it from utilizing particular skills (although relying solely on this impact is a dangerous proposition; a disoriented Sectopod continues to be a really succesful enemy).

Lastly, like their Enemy Within incarnation, additionally they explode with important power when they’re destroyed. Especially maintain this in thoughts if you happen to’re controlling one: not additionally if ADVENT or aliens handle to destroy it, however don’t forget that you may nonetheless goal and hearth upon it whereas it’s beneath your management. Take benefit of this, if you happen to can.

Once you destroy one in a non-evac mission, and analysis the ensuing wreckage, you’ll have Shen construct the Gremlin MKIII, which is able to significantly additional help in your Specialists’ probability to take over it and the lesser machines.