Dazed is a psychological standing impact launched in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Similarly to Stunned, Dazed disables a unit’s capability to behave. Dazed is inflicted by all of The Chosen; Dazed models can then be kidnapped from battle to be interrogated, or the chosen can extract info from them instantly. After performing both of those actions, the chosen will depart the battlefield.

Dazed might be cured by any soldier (together with a SPARK) adjoining to the Dazed soldier by utilizing the free Revive motion. A Specialist may also take away the Dazed situation remotely through GREMLIN by utilizing the Revival Protocol capability. A Mindshield can even forestall a soldier from being Dazed.


Dazed is thought to be brought on by:

The Assassin’s sword strike.

The Assassin’s Harbour Wave capability.

The Hunter’s tranquilizer pistol shot capability.

The Hunter’s Concussion Grenade.

The Warlock’s Mind Scorch capability.