Armors (XCOM 2)

Armor in XCOM 2 can differ and a few Classes are extra aligned with sure varieties than others. Armor may be upgraded within the Proving Ground. Some items of armor should be researched after which constructed earlier than equipping in your troopers. Where relevant, respective initiatives might be listed on the next tables.

Utility Items such because the Hazmat Vest, Hellweave, Nanoscale Vest, Plated Vest and Stasis Vest may be mixed with the armor discovered beneath.

  • Visit the Alien Hunters web page for armor present in that DLC.
  • Visit the Shen’s Last Gift web page for armor present in that DLC.



The following desk is sortable. Click on the header of the column you want to type.


IconArmorHealthArmorMobilityDodgeExtra Item SlotAttributeCostDays to MakeRequirement
Kevlar Armor+zero+zero+zero+zero+zeroStandard armor for troopersN/ANoneStandard situation.
E.X.O. Suit+5+1-2+zero+zero+1 Heavy Weapons slot
  • 2 ADVENT
    Trooper Corpses
  • 1 Elerium Core
  • 5 Alien Alloys
  • 5 Elerium Crystals
fourPlated Armor
Predator Armor+four+zero+zero+zero+1N/A 

  • 6 ADVENT
    Trooper Corpses
  • 150 Supplies
  • 20 Alien Alloys
InstantPlated Armor
Spider Suit+four+zero+1+20+zeroGrapple 

  • 2 ADVENTStun
    Lancer Corpses
  • 1 Elerium Core
  • 5 Alien Alloys
  • 5 Elerium Crystals
fourPlated Armor
Warden Armor+6+1+zero+zero+1N/A
  • 300Supplies
  • 40 Alien Alloys
  • 20 Elerium Crystals
InstantPowered Armor
Wraith Suit+6+zero+2+25+zeroDodge, Grapple, Wraith: section by partitions as a free motion 2x per match for a 2 flip length
  • 50 Supplies
  • 1 Elerium Core
  • 10 Alien Alloys
  • 5 Elerium Crystals
5Powered Armor
W.A.R. Suit+6+2-2+zero+zero+1 Heavy Weapons slot