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Armors are kinds of physique armor utilized by troopers in XCOM 2. All troopers are able to equipping armor to guard themselves towards harm and environmental hazards throughout fight missions.

The following is a listing of all of the physique armors out there in XCOM 2.



Basic ArmorEdit

  • Kevlar Armor
    • Resistance Warrior Kevlar Armor (Pre-Order DLC)


Light ArmorEdit

Light armors grant the wearer further mobility and dodge stats, focusing much less on well being and extra on the motion flexibility of the wearer. All Light Armors share the flexibility to Grapple to elevated surfaces. Each armor should be manufactured individually by ‘finishing’ the required Proving Ground undertaking.

  1. Spider Suit
  2. Wraith Suit
  3. Serpent Suit (Alien Hunter DLC)

Medium ArmorEdit

Medium armors are all-around basic objective armors that enable a steadiness between mobility and energy. All Medium armors share the flexibility to offer an additional utility slot on the wearer. An limitless provide of those armors shall be granted as soon as the required construct order in Engineering has been completed (aside from the Icarus Armor).

  1. Predator Armor
  2. Warden Armor
  3. Icarus Armor (Alien Hunter DLC)

Heavy ArmorEdit

Heavy Armors give attention to the survivability of the wearer, rising well being greater than medium armor and offering armor factors to dam further harm. All Heavy Armors share the flexibility to mount a Heavy Weapon on the wearer. Each Armor must manufactured individually by ‘finishing’ the required Proving Ground Project.

  1. E.X.O. Suit
  2. W.A.R. Suit
  3. R.A.G.E. Suit (Alien Hunter DLC)

SPARK Armor Edit

SPARK Armors are unique to the Shen’s Last Gift DLC, and may solely be geared up on SPARK models. They don’t present any particular attributes or skills, however an infinite provide of armors shall be granted as soon as the required construct order in Engineering has been completed. Each iteration will grant extra well being, mobility, and an additional armor level as know-how progresses.

  1. SPARK Armor
  2. Reinforced Frame
  3. Anodized Chassis

Reaper ArmorEdit

  1. Reaper Armor
  2. Plated Reaper Armor
  3. Powered Reaper Armor

Skirmisher ArmorEdit

  1. Skirmisher Armor
  2. Plated Skirmisher Armor
  3. Powered Skirmisher Armor

Templar ArmorEdit

  1. Templar Armor
  2. Plated Templar Armor
  3. Powered Templar Armor


  • All armors improve a soldier’s Hit Points, whereas solely the Warden Armor, Icarus Armor, and the entire Heavy and SPARK Armors improve the Armor stat.
  • The Hazmat Vest, Hellweave, Nanoscale Vest, Plated Vest, and Stasis Vest are thought of utility objects and could also be mixed with any of the above armor techniques.
    • Similarly armor doesn’t preclude the usage of Mindshield, Overdrive Serum or any PCS, and will in truth result in highly effective combos.

Table of ArmorsEdit













Item Slots 


Special Attributes 


Kevlar Armor Basic 1
Resistance Warrior Kevlar Armor Basic 1
Spider Suit Light +four +1 +20 1 Grapple
Wraith Suit Light +6 +2 +25 1 Grapple, Wraith
Serpent Suit Light +5 +1 +35 1 Grapple, Frostbite, Panic Vipers
Serpent Armor Light +7 +2 +40 1 Grapple, Frostbite, Panic Vipers
Predator Armor Medium +four 2
Warden Armor Medium +6 +1 2
Icarus Armor Medium +7 +1 +1 2 Vault, Icarus Jump, Panic Archons
E.X.O. Suit Heavy +5 +1 1 Heavy Weapon slot
W.A.R. Suit Heavy +6 +2 1 Heavy Weapon slot, Shieldwall
R.A.G.E. Suit Heavy +6 +1 +1 1 Heavy Weapon slot, Rage Strike, Panic Mutons and Berserkers
R.A.G.E. Armor Heavy +7 +2 +1 1 Heavy Weapon slot, Rage Strike, Panic Mutons and Berserkers
Hazmat Vest Utility Item, Experimental Armor +2 Grants immunity to Fire, Acid and Poison
Hellweave Utility Item +2 Burns enemies that attempt to assault in melee
Nanoscale Vest Utility Item +1
Plated Vest Utility Item, Experimental Armor +2 +1
Stasis Vest Utility Item, Experimental Armor +2 Regenerate 2 HP per flip. Up to eight HP per a mission