xcom 2 enemies

Aliens is a time period collectively designating the extraterrestrial enemy drive occupying Earth in 2035 below the veneer of ADVENT, a puppet administration chaired by members of the previous Council. As the principle antagonists and enemies in XCOM 2, they function vital enhancements introduced on by the combination of human DNA. Having enthralled many of the human inhabitants, they wield a dominating world presence within the identify of the “Elders,” whose true objectives are unknown.



Alien TypesEdit

Mechanical Edit

  • ADVENT Turret
  • Codex
  • Sectopod
  • Spectre

Mixed Edit

  • Andromedon
    • natural (Andromedon) / mechanical (Andromedon Shell)
  • Gatekeeper
    • natural (open kind) / mechanical (closed kind)

Organic Edit

  • ADVENT Officer
  • ADVENT Purifier
  • ADVENT Priest
  • ADVENT Shieldbearer
  • ADVENT Stun Lancer
  • ADVENT Trooper
  • Archon
  • Avatar
  • Berserker
  • Chryssalid
  • Faceless
  • Muton
  • Sectoid
  • Viper

Rulers (Alien Hunters DLC) Edit

  • Viper King
  • Berserker Queen
  • Archon King

The Chosen (War of the Chosen)Edit

  • The Assassin
  • The Hunter
  • The Warlock